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[avatar]Quote:No, no! MafiaCrime server is not down. Just Chuck Norris hit somebody.
Status:Chuck Norris himself rate you for bust-twice a day
[+545 -76]

Hospital: 13 mins - beaten up by [BBI] Salmon

Name:[CNG] Chuck Norris-s BunnyHP:93,120 / 232,800 [40%]
User Level:MobsterTotal Crimes:52,872
Gender:MaleForum Posts:8
Prison (Caught):3,109Prison (Busts):2,202
Mobster Age:1220d 13h 54m 56sLast Active:89d 17h 38m 28s
Online Status:[inactive]Gang Rank:Bunny Ranger
City:London House:Large Flat
Referred By:NobodyReferral Count:0
Muggings:17,892Mugging Profit:$4,025,597,640

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