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[avatar]Quote:mess with my gang, and the reaper will come to you and rip off your head... now, youre advised
Status:When the time comes, I will take your soul to hell
[+1254 -89]

Name:[AOD] BadbananeHP:230,450 / 230,450 [100%]
User Level:MobsterTotal Crimes:128,153
Gender:MaleForum Posts:0
Prison (Caught):12,618Prison (Busts):21,009
Mobster Age:3400d 9h 15m 30sLast Active:1d 11h 16m 13s
Online Status:[inactive]Gang Rank:The Boss
City:London House:Castle
Referred By:[SLk] jabboReferral Count:0
Muggings:4,859Mugging Profit:$284,633,853

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