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Flirts Obsession


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27 Mar 2011 12:18pm
Forum Rules

Reporting Posts

- Only report posts that you find offensive. If you report multiple posts for no reason, you will be warned and a Forum ban might be served.


- Any post with a racist remark will be deleted and the poster will be given a warning. If it happens again with a warning, you will be forum banned for set amount of days.

*The definition of "Racism" will be defined by the members of staff not the players.

Respect Staff members

- Do not call them out on the forum.

No Porn

- Do not post porn, it will be deleted and a possible Forum Ban could be served up.

*Continued use of posting porn will serve you a game ban.

DO NOT Bump Week Old+ Threads

- You will be warned on this, and probably sent to the ward. Unless of course you are bumping in the marketplace.

DO NOT Flood The Forum

- Post a bunch of useless junk like saying something, scrolling it down, and putting a period (.) etc.
This also includes bumping month old posts. Or posting the same thread more than once
That also includes useless posts, or making the same post over and over. (Double+ Posting)

Thread Highjacking

- Highjacking threads for the purpose of abuse or trying to
trying to ruin a players thread etc could result in a forum ban.

DO NOT Advertise

- No advertising anywhere, this includes within your name/profile and on forums.

Disclaimer: Staff have the final say in what happens in the forums - Please don't argue with their decisions

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