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20 Jan 2013 11:36pm
INSANE [Level: 124] [Rank: 39 / 555]

currently recruiting all vile and scum

no rules other then NO SCAMMING

Cant say fairer than that, come join and as long as you dont scam you will have a home/family for as long as you want, once you join you can do what the fuck you want and as long as our 1 rule is followed you wont be kicked, we want some ppl to join that are gunna tear shit up a bit, although that isnt a requirement, if you wanna home to just kik back and relax in then thats cool aswel, we just wanna have a lil fun and where ever pioss liven the server up a lil :D

Again aslong as you dont scam you will never be kiked no matter how big of a tool you wanna be and piss ppl off, where poss protection will be provided if needed and even if were unable to protect 1ce your 1 of the family we will defend as best as we can 100% :-z :-z :p 8)

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