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29 Mar 2013 05:28pm
It seems that some of you still do not know how to identify real staff from fake staff.

So yet again I am posting this message:


I am posting this because people are getting scammed of their accounts. There have been some people falling for some impersonations in chat in regards to who is staff and monitoring trades. The multi/scammer/cheater/etc known as Reece/Sabres has decided to yet again, to waste his life trying to get accounts here on MC. One of his tactics has been the impersonation of staff members and buyers in chat. The player then thinking a staff member is present, then gives out their information which gives reece the ability to quickly log in, change the information and take over an account. Please use the steps below and avoid losing your account to this piece of shit scammer.

I'm going to be perfectly clear on this so pay attention damn it:

ALL trades are to be done in the #help channel in chat. REGARDLESS of who it is that is "helping" you!
Not through messages here in the game, not through emails or Instant Messaging - in #help chat only!

All staff members in #help chat will have a golden star next to their name and also have the vhost ""

To view a person's host/vhost - simply left click the person's name on the right hand list, then click "whois" - it may take a couple seconds but a new box will appear in chat like this:

Help us stop scams by using your head and common sense before giving away password or payment for accounts unless you are sure that a staff member is present.

To take this one step further, if you are still unsure of whether or not a person is a staff member, simply ask them to message you in game. If the message comes from a player that is on and are either a GM/E-GM/admin you should have nothing to worry about.

Use your frickin' head. - That goes for both those considering scamming and those that are looking to buy/sell/trade accounts.

If you fail to follow these steps and get scammed, we will NOT help you in recovering ANYTHING!

50 if before next friday


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30 Mar 2013 03:37pm
If they get scammed its their own fault. This has been posted about 10 times now, and the rest. They should know by now, if not, they obviously don't take 2 minutes to read your warning.

Captain Jack


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01 Apr 2013 09:43am
Surely if an active player got scammed then it wouldn't be difficult to get the points/account back, it would save losing player..

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