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[OUT] LunaDinky


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16 Sep 2013 12:34am
We have finally gotten approval to do an ID raffle for userbar!!!!

I will start the raffle NOW and it will run until update on the 19th. {Sept. 19 @ 12am or 19 Sept 2013 00:00} Any entries after that time are considered Bacon Fund Donations :) Also I am going to be very strict on the entries here - it takes a lot of time to run these raffles. If the points sent to me are not divisible by 5000 - IT IS NOT an entry, it's donation. Don't ask me for refunds either please because you ran out of points after entering, those requests will not be honored.

Molez always wants things to go big or go home so let's do the best we can for this raffle.
Entries are 5000 points EACH. There will be THREE winners:
First place: ID 6 PLUS 40% of the entries
Second place: 35% of the entries
Third place: 25% of the entries

There will be NO limit on the amount of times you can enter, nor will there be a limit on the total amount of entries.

REMEMBER: THIS IS FOR THE ID ONLY!!!! Molez will get with the winning player to move your account onto this ID number.


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17 Sep 2013 01:45am
thats really gay

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