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28 Feb 2014 07:39pm
subject says it all, we are looking for hard core members who are able to dish it out as much as they take it, warning, you will be warded ALOT but you will also beable to level for free as you dont have to pay for any bunnys

as we grow we will set out offers to bunnys where bunnys can buy a package deal to never be hit for life, at the cost of? well we will decide the price when that time comes, and we run by senority, the fees from the bunnys who pay will be divided and givin to members due to how long you been serving with us fighting for the cause, of... BUNNYS ARE FREE!

ones who donate will get support for guns armor shoes housing

so if this is you're style of playing common and join the and let the carnage begin.

there you got collectors, theres work cutt out for you, GL getting anyone to pay, Muhahahahaha :-z

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