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09 Feb 2015 01:06am
I don't see a lot of muggers here and it saddens me, people should be well aware to bank their cash or be in the ward when having it out.. they aren't here :) so a little guide to mugging I shall make, to let the MC2 community shiver in fear, and finally learn to bank their cashish! So..

The best times to mug!

Update - Sometimes people think they are fast enough to do their dailies and get it banked fast enough, they usually aren't, I would say prime time for this is up to about 30 mins after update, then a few stragglers.. people usually trade around update also, so look out for those!

Late in the night - I have accidentally left A LOT out at around midnight for more or less 10 minutes, and didn't get mugged! That should not happen, this can be a great time to find people to mug! All it takes is patience.

When people are doing trades - Can usually find out on shoutout when people are doing trades! If you are lucky and patient enough you can make billions off of this if you are fast enough!

When people are in the hospital with money out - Sometimes people go idle with money in their hands, usually from selling points! Watch them to see if they do, chances are other muggers are looking forward to it also, so be fast!
How to be a good mugger

-First off, don't use the HOF to find mugs, use search instead! HOF is behind on a few seconds so the chance of you finding a good mug using it unless they went idle, is very very slim. In my Search query I put this : Level 1-9999 City --- (You should be willing to spend money to make money! People usually think they are safe when they are in a high city, with you around they aren't!) Money : $25,000,000 (Don't be a penny mugger!) Attackable : Yes/No (Can be either way if you want to find people in the hospital with money out to see if you could mug them.) Status : Online/Offline (Some people go offline with money!)

I recommend Opera as a browser to mug, Firefox doesn't work with my F5 anymore, probably because of updates, Google works closely with the NSA so I don't trust Chrome, and lets face it IE is shit.

People will most likely be angry at you if you mug them, unless your their friend don't give them their money back, a few attacks are worth a few billions. :up

Make sure to mug them, and not to attack them! -Of course unless they are your friend and you would like to preserve their money for them.

Here is where you may find the mug button : 2001bdf.png

And here is my Search : 26726a8.png

That is all! Happy mugging,

Archer, xoxo

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09 Feb 2015 01:41am



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16 May 2016 12:39am
ha gaaaaay

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