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16 Sep 2008 02:28pm

So, as I've been noticing, more scammers are entering the game as the MafiaCrime community population increases as well.

This is a short "tips-book" to detecting a suspicious scammer and I do hope by reading this, the scamming rate goes down.

The Offers

The most common way to find a scammer is to compare their offers with the average offers of trusted people.

Also, scammers are constantly looking for people to scam, so they are most likely to post in the forums or message you first. It becomes even more suspicious when they message you for the first time asking you to buy their items.

When comparing prices, think of it this way: If it's too good to be true, then it most likely is.

Bringing Out The Scammer

Most of the time, scammers tend to be impatient and aren't the brightest lights in the world.

They usually give themselves away by hastily asking for you the send first, begging, etc.

When they ask you to send first or offer you a miracle deal, ask them why it's so cheap and suggest a middle-man.

Here's the catch, if they refuse a middle-man, just stop the messaging and drop the subject; there's no point in going further as it's very plausible that you are dealing with a scammer.

What they may also do is refuse a middle-man, but ask you to send in small amounts as they send you in small amounts.

For example, 10 trades of $100,000 dollars instead of the bulk $1,000,000.

Avoiding Scammers

1. Use a middle-man from the stickied middle-man posts; all those that are listed there proven to be trustworthy by many people.

2. Look for reference of the person that offers you an item, point(s), etc. Try asking people around as the "references" that they have in their link may be false.

3. Watch out for those "miracle" deals as they are usually too good to be true.

4. Scammers aren't very intelligent... try outsmarting them through clever mails and get them to reveal something that marks a scammer.

5. Look for them in scammer lists in many profiles... usually, bunnies and high level players will have a list.

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