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16 Sep 2008 02:55pm
Getting Money and Points

Every day (starts at midnight, server time), you should go to the link that says "Vote for Rewards" and click on each of the sites. This will get you 25 points, along with some cash.

Then click on your City name (London or New York) and click on "Search Downtown". You have 100 searches, and you will find money and sometimes items and points.

You should go and play the Lucky Dip every day for $1000 and play all of your Slot Machine turns for the maximum amount that you have. These two games pay out well and increase your money. Do not play the 50/50 or Higher/Lower games because you will generally lose money at these games.

Keep your money in the bank

VERY IMPORTANT: As soon as you have more than $40,000, you should deposit as quickly as possible, you can do so by clicking the little "dep" button next to your balance or by clicking bank on the menu and then clicking deposit. When you keep large sums of money on you, you become a target for other players to mug you or attack you. Each time they mug or attack you, they can get a percentage of that cash. If you leave it in your bank account, then they can't get to it and will leave you alone.

If at some point, you want to make a big purchase or know that you will be obtaining a large sum of money, it is wise to attack someone who is obviously higher level than you and commit suicide first. This will put you in the hospital, where other players can't mug or attack you. Then you can go ahead with your transaction, taking out that large withdrawal or making that large sale. Make sure to finish what you needed to do before the 20 minutes are up and deposit all of the money back in the bank before you come out of the hospital.

NEVER EVER leave a large sum of money out when you go offline. You can be sure that by the time you get back, it will all be gone. This also goes for any items you are trying to sell on the market. If someone buys it while you are offline, you can expect to be mugged out of all of your profits (sometimes by the person who bought the item, knowing you were offline).

NEVER kill the "moneyman"

An unwritten rule in this game is that you should not attack and kill a person who has a large sum of money out. This will put them in the hospital so other people can't mug them for 20 minutes. If someone has a large sum of money out, other players want to be able to mug them repeatedly until they take all of their cash. This sucks for lower level players, because it takes at least 10 nerve to be able to mug someone so they miss out on these opportunties. However, if you do attack the moneyman, higher level players will usually put you in the hospital for it.

What to do with your points

Points can be used for a number of things: 1) to refill energy, nerve, awake; 2) sold on the market for money (never sell back to point shop for $500 - you can usually get over $6,000 for it on the points market); 3) spend on bunnies.

For a newer player, it may not be worth it to spend points on refilling your energy, etc., because you don't have very much to refill. Getting $150,000 for your 25 points is probably much more valuable than filling up a couple of times.

What are these things called "bunnies" and why should I pay them?

Bunnies are players who have purposely obtained high levels of experience but still have relatively low attributes (strength, defense, speed). This means that someone who is lower level can attack and kill a bunny who is much higher level, gaining a LOT of experience in the process. This allows you to level up quickly. However, this does not mean all noobs can kill all bunnies. You have to go to their page and look at their stats, which they usually list. Since they are higher level, they have much more hitpoints. So you should have a significant advantage over them in terms of strength and defence in order to be sure you can kill them.

Also on their page, they list how much they charge - usually it is one hit for a certain number of points. Sometimes, it is different depending on whether they are online or offline. There is a general unwritten rule that if you use the services of a bunny, then you should pay for it. If you do not pay, they may have higher level players attack you and keep you in the hospital until you pay.


You should start of by attempting the easier crimes at first. Your level of awake will be a factor in whether you succeed or not. As you level up, start trying more difficult crimes. If you find that you are consistently failing to commit crimes at a certain level, this means you are trying crimes that are too difficult for your level. Move your way up gradually.

Attack other players

Generally, people don't like when you attack and kill them while they are still online. It forces them to wait 20 minutes. If you are going to attack them, be prepared to accept any payback they may take by getting a higher level player to punish you. However, it may be necessary to attack some players online if you feel they have wronged you.

Only attack players that you are confident that you can beat. This means not only looking at their level but also the number of days they have been playing and how many crimes they have commited(shows how active they are). Generally, I find the number of days and how many crimes they have commited is usually a better indication of their strength than their level. As well, if you really want to be sure, you can pay money to Spy on them. This option may or may not provide you with the info you want.


Training your stats is very impotant in this game unless you are a bunny. Although there is three stats, it is better to train only two of them to improve them faster. There are two combo's to choose from; Strength/Defense or Strength/Speed. Strength/Defense makes you last longer and pack a punch at the same time, where as Strength/Speed lets you hit first and hard and end the fight quickly

Housing is essential to training, the better your house the better your training is, this is because each house a different awake level, obviously the higher the price, the better the level of awake. Level x Awake is the formula for stat gain.

General Advice

Unless you want to become a bunny, you should not look to level up too fast without also training and leveling up your statistics. If you become a high level but don't have the corresponding strength and defence or speed, people will start to pick on you because you become easy experience points for them.

some good reasons to be in a gang is they provide protection, weapons/armour loans, and help on the game and sometimes free bunnies. also fellow gang members can help you out on any questions or queries you have.

Good luck, have fun and don't get too addicted. It may ruin your real, non-mafiacrime life!

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