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16 Sep 2008 03:04pm
Stats: A How to And What Are Guide

In this guide I’ll be telling anyone who reads, the different stats, and what they do.

During training, your attribute increase is a factor of the number of Energy points you use and the number of Awake points you have. It is best to train when Energy and Awake are full.


Determines how much damage you can absorb without being harmed. Defense can be increased by training at the Gym and by having a job. In battle defense is added by whatever armour you are carrying.


Determines how much damage you inflict on your opponent. Strength can be increased by training at the Gym and by having a job. In battle strength is added by whatever weapon you are carrying.


A higher speed attribute increases the chance of getting first hit in a fight. This can also be trained at the Gym and by having a job.

Easy Enough

You could have found that out by reading the Guide. Now I will explain the Pro’s and Con’s.

Most Mobsters will only level 2 of the 3 Attributes. But Which Ones? That depends from Mobster to Mobster. Think of it this way:
Timmy has 500 Defense, 400 Strength and 100 Speed. Total – 1,000.
Joey has 150 Defense, 450 Strength and 400 Speed. Total – 1,000.

As you can see, Timmy has gone more for Defense and Strength, whereas Joey has gone for Strength and Speed. So, the new question is:
Strength and What Other?

The Breakdown

Strength+Speed: Will usually let you make the first attack. And with the added Strength, You might win. However, if the opponent has more defense then you have Strength, It probably won’t be a One Hit Kill.

Strength+Defense: You won’t get the first attack, but would you rather get a possible one hit, or lasting long and killing them?

The Rest is up to… YOU!

Originally posted on MC1 by Spidey


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17 Sep 2008 01:21am
Copywritten by Spidey :P

Anar teh Noob

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30 Oct 2008 09:25pm

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